Is it good to stop smoking THC / Marijuana

If you’re a regular, heavy weed smoker, perhaps it’s time to accept that you have certain aspects in your life that are miserable just because of the effects of weed – things that could change instantly if you stop smoking this substance.If you’ve been lying to yourself for a long time about your weed smoking habit and its effects in your life, and you are finally ready to quit, the following are the benefits you can expect.

4 Benefits of Quitting Weed

1. Respiratory Health

In just few weeks after quitting weed entirely, your respiratory function will start improving, and you will have more stamina. Not quitting weed could cause a number of respiratory illnesses, including emphysema, bronchitis, and even lung cancer.

2. Sleep

Proper sleep is essential to good health, and many studies have found that cannabis can affect your sleep cycles and even your sleep quality. Most smokers report restless sleep and absence of dreams, largely because marijuana is a drug that can interrupt your REM cycles, which are essential for both sleep and dreams. But, in just few days after quitting weed, your entire body will begin to return to normal patterns, and you will finally start getting good sleep. There are also many other marijuana withdrawal side effects.

3. Mood

Smoking marijuana can affect your mood. When using the drug, you might have apathetic and lethargic mod, and you may also feel like you donít care about anything in your world. But when you are not high, you’ll become anxious and irritable. This kind of anxiety and stress can play affect a number of organ systems in your body, your heart included. Once you stop using this substance, your mood will begin to stabilize, and you wonít experience many highs or lows.

4. Memory and Learning

Studies have indicated that regular use of this substance affects both the learning ability and memory, and long-term use of the substance may affect these 2 aspects permanently. The sooner you stop smoking pot, the sooner your learning ability and memory will normalize.

Good Quit Weed Resources – Conclusion

Despite what marijuana pro legalisation advocates will tell you, marijuana is a drug, and just like any other drug, it poses some dangers. Fortunately, it is not too late to quit using pot. If you quit it today, most of its symptoms will begin to disappear and you’l achieve better health and happiness. You may want to read about other reasons to stop smoking weed (here is their marijuana addiction profile). We hope that this article helped you on your recovery path with marijuana addiction.