Hello, my name is Alex Gregorian I am the owner of marijuana addict, I lived in St Petersburg for 20 years before moving to London where I discovered crypto currency back in 2010. I have also been interested in trading on the stock market, but I failed many times and lost a large sum of money at the time, but I still had 15 bitcoins in my account since they were pennies at the time so I started trading cryptocurrency where I learned and mastered my skills, Since then I have accumulated over 100 bitcoins and now I live a wealthy life. I love travelling and fitness, but enough about me, I started this website to teach people about cryptocurrency but to be exact “marijuana cryptocurrency” because both are a growing market so I spent the last 3 years studying about both topics, so why not 20x your potential profits and learn from the experts? sign up and keep following me for new guides and tips on investments, contact me for any info.